The Process Of Skinning A Deer

By Ben Vinson

Whether you like it or not, you will need to skin the deer you bring home after hunting in the wood. Skinning a deer can be easier if you know the relevant information, especially about their physical characteristics and organs.

The skin and muscle tissues of the deer are naturally separate from one another because of the protective membranes, making the process of skinning a lot more like following a built-in blueprint than like trying to lift a rug in the dark.

Hang the deer down to start the skinning process. This way, it is easier to clean the deer from dirt and dust it gets during the journey home, and also from the skin itself. Do not wait too long for the skinning. Two hours is the maximum time. If you wait more than two hours, the skin may be more difficult to drag and the meat will no longer be fresh.

Your knife should be especially sharp. Supposing the deer is hung by the legs, find the large tendon connecting the lower leg segment to the rest of the deer's leg. You should poke a whole with your knife in between the tendon and the bone there, then use your fingers to feel the lump that is created by the deer's bone.

When you have found the lump, find the two parts of double joint at the lower part, then split the deer's lower leg there. Start skinning some parts. Break the deer's leg using your power. It sounds cruel if you are not used to do it.

After you have broken the deer's legs, make several incisions around and near the tendon areas. There should be a whole between the tendon and the bone of the lower leg, as well as several incisions near the front legs.

You will then sever and snap the front legs as well, making the skinning process easier. Use your finger tips and thumbs to get inside the skin near the lower leg incisions and begin to pull the skin off.

Essentially, the pulling of the deer's skin should work a lot like pulling a tight jacket or pair of blue jeans off. It may be a little bit awkward, but the layer of meat revealed below the skin should be a more than ample reward.

Generally, it takes from 10 to 15 minutes to skin a deer. Otherwise, it can be longer if you are not experienced with the process. Skinning is also tiring. But real hunters just would not want to miss the step. - 31490

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