Use Rubber Mats To Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents.

By Adriana Noton

Business owners will appreciate the convenience and safety that is offered by installing rubber mats at the entry and in other sections of their place of business to prevent trip and fall accidents.

While you may have insurance to cover such accidents, any time you have a customer enter your business place, there is the possibility of an accident. While you are not able to prevent all the accidents, you can show the courts that you have taken steps to prevent as many as possible. One of the simplest of these precautions is to have rubber mats at all entries. This can help to prevent tracking of rain or snow from being tracked inside and causing the possibility of a wet floor on which one of your customers could fall.

Another place that customers may slip or fall is in the produce section of a grocery store. Sometimes other customers can drop small items, such as grapes in this section of the store and another customer can step on the dropped item that becomes very slippery. Even though you did not drop the produce, as the owner of the business, you are held liable for the injury. You could end up paying for lost wages and medical bills.

By providing mats at the entry and using runners in sections of your business such as produce, you can lower the chance of injury and excessive costs.

In many restaurants as well as other businesses, there are areas where floors become slippery from a buildup of oils or greases. Once again, you will find that runners help to prevent an employee from falling and being injured. This can prevent a workmen's comp claim and keep your overhead lower.

You will appreciate that the runners or mats can be quickly rolled up when dirty and a clean one can be put out in its place. Meanwhile, be sure that workers work to keep floors and other surfaces clear of all spills. Make it a company policy that all floors and mats are mopped using an ammonia based detergent and hot water to remove grease and prevent a hazard.

In addition, the use of rubber mats can protect floor coverings from the dirt as well as grime that is often brought in form outside. It is much easier to clean the entry runner or mat than to clean the entire floor. Entry runners that can easily be exchanged in only a few seconds are a great way to cut overhead. Once removed, they can be cleaned by use of either a garden hose or a pressure washer and allowed to dry for reuse.

The easy clean option makes the runners an excellent choice for businesses where workers often work outside. Many are available that will trap dirt and mud before it ever enters your building so that the need for carpet cleaning is lowered.

Whether looking for ways to protect a business from liability or to protect floor coverings from outside dirt, water and mud, rubber mats are an effective way to keep your place of business free of all these dangers. The can easily be placed anywhere that hazards may exist and be removed if necessary in seconds. - 31490

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