Barrel Racing Saddles-Do You Need One?

By Reg Ryder

Barrel racing is an equestrian event in which a horse and rider seek to complete a cloverleaf pattern around 3 pre-arranged barrels in the quickest time. The barrels are set in a triangle in the center of the ground. The sport tests the combination of the horsemanship skills of the rider with the athletic ability of the horse.

It's among the fastest growing equestrian sports amongst women. Additionally it is an extremely rough sport on both the horse as well as the rider, so having the proper equipment is very important for the health of everyone involved.

Barrel racing saddles are a type of Western saddle which keep the rider secure as the horse moves at high speed. They have a deeper seat than the majority of other Western saddles. There is normally a ridge round the back of the seat that is regarded as a hip hugger.

This additionally helps keep the rider in place during the race. The fenders and jockeys are often made from rough out leather. Skirts are frequently shorter and the rigging is simple in- skirt.

A barrel racing saddle is not an absolute necessity to compete in barrel racing, but it definitely helps. A good barrel racing saddle is lightweight, with a high horn and a high cantle. Many brands have forward- hung stirrups that enable riders to keep his or her feet under them while they are racing. A barrel racing saddle will be considerably smaller than an ordinary saddle.

Obviously, it should also fit the horse properly so it doesn't cause back muscle bruising. The saddle must stay firmly in place without slipping, also it should fit the horse tightly across the shoulders and back without digging in. A lot of barrel racing saddles will also have a back cinch on the saddle, or it may be added later. It can help keep the saddle down and also the rider in the saddle. It should be tight enough to keep the saddle down, but not so tight that it irritates the horse. The horse may need some time to adjust to a back cinch.

There are many barrel racing saddles from which to choose, but it is a recommended item those of you that compete in the rough and tumble sport of barrel racing. - 31490

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