Get Serious About Carp Fishing With This Carp Fishing Gear

By Cory Feddlestein

When it comes to fishing, the biggest draw to freshwater fishing right now has to be carp fishing. This is the same throughout America as much as Europe. People just can't seem to get enough. There might not be a considerable difference between fishing for carp over fishing (rod and reel) for anything else, but there are some differences to be presented. One of which is carp fishing gear. If you are serious about catching carp, you ought to educate yourself on the necessities.

In terms of carp fishing, there are several unique pieces to your gear you should consider if you are only out to land some carp. This includes specific rods, baits, and line.

Many would stress that you can fish for carp with a normal rod and reel. While this might be true, you might also benefit from a carp specific rod. The difference is usually the weight ratios and length (which allows for better leverage when you are pulling in a fifty pounder). Most of these rods stay around 12 feet long, and they can be as inexpensive or as intricate as you would like. They generally start around $25, and through changes in the materials that make up the rod, can go up to around $150 (or more in some cases).

If you want to land some serious carp, you have to approach them with the right bait. Some might tell you that any bait will do when you are trying to catch carp, but the pros have a very different outlook. You see, through testimonials on their respective websites from anglers who use their products, two companies have been making quite a name for themselves in terms of carp bait. K-1 and Kryston have both made broad claims to have some irresistible bait that carp cannot refuse. Judging by the satisfied reviews of anglers, I'd be inclined to agree with them.

Getting appropriate line is pretty crucial to your cause as well. If you have insufficient line, then you might not have the carp either. Some carp can get over 50 pounds, and so you have to have a line that can withstand the thrashing and evasiveness of a 50 pound fish. Most often carp range in the 10-20 pound range, yet you don't want to plan for this being your maximum. Planning ahead can be the difference between the big carp and the big story about the big carp.

Carp fishing, like any fishing, takes some technique and patience. Having some gear to draw out the carp doesn't hurt, but even the most advanced equipment will never match up to raw skill. That comes from practice.

If you fancy yourself a pretty decent angler, you should look into some of this gear to give you an edge on those pesky carp in the water. - 31490

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