Horse Saddles For Sale-Advice On Purchasing The Right Horse Saddle For You

By Reg Ryder

The saddle is one of the key bits of horse riding apparel, so there are many things to have in mind once picking out horse saddles for sale. To begin with, the riding style must be identified. Most of the time, this can be either English or Western, although there are also specialty saddles intended for activities like polo, dressage, jumping, and racing.

In English riding, the rider keeps one reign in each hand and tells the horse to turn through lightly pulling one reign, which applies pressure to a bit inside the horse's mouth.

Western- style riders hold both reigns in one hand and tell the horse to turn by shifting their weight or laying the reigns against the horses neck. Western saddles are heavier and larger than English saddles and were initially made for hard- riding cowboys.

Any riders weight is distributed evenly across the horses back, allowing the horse and rider to become comfortable on lengthy rides.

Dressage saddles allow the riders leg and also the horse to have a greater amount of contact. Your flaps will be cut straight and narrow and these saddles contain a different cut when compared with an English saddle.

With regard to jumping, a hunt seat saddle is needed. This saddle was actually designed for fox hunting, it affords the rider an improved position for jumping.

Horse racing requires a flat racing saddle. These are very lite but strong and have quite short stirrups subsequently the rider can lean forward as far as possible.

Regardless of the activity, the next question is the kind of saddle. You will find leather saddles, suede saddles, plus saddles made from synthetic materials. Leather saddles are the best well known, and a high quality leather saddle can last for years. Synthetic saddles tend to be lightweight and easy to clean, but perhaps haven't the durability of a leather saddle.

The most important factor for saddles is comfort, for both the rider and also the horse. A saddle that doesn't fit properly causes back muscle bruising on the horse. Saddle sizes are measured in inches, from the pommel to the cantle. There should be two to three inches of space between the rider and the back of the saddle when seated.

Additionally, the saddle should stay firmly in place without slipping and it ought to fit the horse tightly across the shoulders and back without digging in.

There are lots of saddles out there, so it is necessary to bear in mind your anticipated riding activities when your choice of horse saddle for sale. - 31490

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