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By Adriana Noton

If you own horses or are a horse lover, you will want your friend to be as comfortable as possible. Stable horse mats are a quick and easy way to put your horse at ease. Horses rarely lie down, not even to sleep. Imagine having to support all that weight all day long. Rubber horse mats will help relieve the fatigue and stress off your horse's legs and feet. Being on the bare concrete can also cause joint pain and cause sore points if your horse decides to lie down.

There are many advantages to placing a mat in your horses stall. Concrete floors can be cold, so placing a mat on it will help keep your horse healthy and warm, especially during the winter. Rubber mats are made of naturally insulating materials. They can help provide better traction as well, since wet concrete can be slippery.

Another advantage could be the texture of it. Its smooth surface will make it easier to clean than concrete, easier to sterilize if your horse gets sick and easier for the urine to drain. Some mats will even allow the urine to drain right through them. You will also need less bedding if you are using a mat, because it will cover all the functions of the bedding (shock absorption, traction, comfortable surface and warmth).

A rubber horse mat can be place on top of pretty much any hard surface, like asphalt, wood or concrete. They come in a variety of types, all suitable for different needs. Some of the most significant differences are the materials (most of the time being rubber), the size (depending on the size of your horse's stall), the thickness, the weight, if they are permeable, if they are portable and the overall texture.

Stable horse mats should not be permeable, which means that the urine should not be absorbed in it, causing odor problems. They can be porous, although most of them are not. The urine will usually drain at the joints where the mats meet. Some are portable, which allows you to put them in your trailer and take them along wherever your horse goes.

Mats can be textured either on one side only, both sides or not at all. If the top if smooth, it will make for easier cleaning, while a textured top will provide your horse with more traction. The choice is yours, depending on your needs.

The best ways to clean a stall with a mat is the same than you would with regular bedding, except a lot simpler! You need to start with your shovel or fork, to finish with your method of choice. Most people spray with a hose several times a month, to keep it ultra clean.

Rubber horse mats can be found at any quality or price, but all play roughly around 30-60 dollars. They can be cut to the custom size of your horse's stall, to ensure you get the most out of it. Mats are useful, but keep in mind the main reason to use them is to make your horse comfortable and happy, which is crucial in maintaining a good relationship between both of you. - 31490

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